Installed in late 2014 this large walled garden is a collaboration with CARR Design Group.

Plant selection is pared back, simple and structured, with massed plantings and carefully selected trees. The overall effect is a verdant hidden garden, generously proportioned and refined. These photographs were taken after only one year of growth. It is a great example of what can be achieved with good landscape design, appropriate plant selection, detailed planning, and thorough soil work.

We designed and installed a unique water feature constructed with a carefully selected large piece of basalt. The stone was cut smooth, recessed with a narrow stone lip for housing a shallow body of water. The water falls over the cantilevered edge is caught and reticulated. Craned into position, it is a peaceful point of focus upon entering the garden. It provides a welcome, natural contrast to the clean lines of the building and structured garden design elements.

Photography – Andy Murray