Every landscape design project we take on goes through the same eight-step process. Throughout it all, the emphasis is on collaboration and clear communication, so that together we can achieve the best outcome for you and the space.

1. Initial consultation

We visit the site of the proposed garden to get a sense of the kind of garden you’d like and how it will be used. Based on your responses, we can talk about potential design options and start looking at a broad budget.

2. Design fee proposal

After the initial consultation, we’ll send you a fee proposal that sets out the costs attached to each stage of the design process.

3. Preliminary plans

Once you’ve signed off on the fee proposal, we’ll create the broad outlines of your design. Drawing on our site surveys, architectural blueprints and any image references you’ve supplied, our team will produce a preliminary plan that includes all the hard and soft landscape elements, along with images of proposed plants and materials.

Finally, we’ll meet up with you to run through the design and make sure it’s consistent with your vision.

4. Changes

At this stage you can take a few weeks to digest and consider the proposed plan and come back to us with any changes you might have.

5. Final plan

We’ll deliver your final landscape plan, incorporating any changes you requested, which will document all aspects of the proposed garden design, including a planting schedule and a detailed list of construction specifications. Depending on the scope of the project, the document may also include construction drawings, lighting plans, irrigation plans and any other project specifics.

At this stage, we’ll also submit the plans to your council for approval, if required.

6. Construction costing and tender

Once you’re happy with the design of your garden, we’ll recommend a landscape construction partner we feel will suit the project. We’ll also give you a final list of fees for approval, including costs for buying high-quality plant stock and managing the construction process.

7. Landscape construction and design interns supervision

This is where all that planning finally comes to life. As the landscape designer we will play an advocacy and oversight role during this stage, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that your garden is built to the highest possible standards.

We’re passionate about what we do – and we believe the best results come when the designer is involved from beginning to end.

8. Completion and maintenance

Once everything’s completed and you’re enjoying your new garden, we’ll work with you to establish an ongoing maintenance and development schedule. A garden takes time to evolve and mature, and will grow best with an experienced eye to guide its progress. Here’s some more info about our maintenance programs.

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