Our firm offers a complete, end to end landscape design service. We guide your project every step of the way, from initial consultation and landscape planning, through to construction costing and tendering, project management and ongoing maintenance.

We cater garden projects of all sizes, with our services including horticultural consultation, planting plan creation, plant procurement and garden restoration. No matter the size, we bring the same dedication and creativity to every project.

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Garden Maintenance

We know that exceptional gardens are alive and forever changing. Even the most meticulously planned garden takes time to develop and grow. As landscape designers, we need to take account not only how the garden will look on its first day, but also how it will evolve over the years to come.

Gardens need tending and guidance by people with the knowledge and experience to keep them thriving, and looking their best in every season. We develop our landscape maintenance and guidance programs based on the needs and style of each individual garden, as well as your vision and budget. .

Here’s what our maintenance services include:


seasonal and formative pruning and hedging

Plant health:

treatments, spraying and replanting


enrichment, fertilising and weeding


monitor and modify irrigation schedules, repair irrigation systems and engage consultants


topping up mulches, gravel and other surfaces, along with raking, leaf removal and site cleaning


planting schedules, and redevelopment of existing gardens

Does your garden need a little extra care?