Northcote 1

A new garden was planted just before Christmas 2022, surrounding a prefabricated house by Modscape.

The front is simple with a new batten fence with vehicular and pedestrian gates. The back garden was raised and set back from the house to allow for a large deck for entertaining. Perennial planting on the lower level would be viewed from the lounge room, but would also soften and conceal walls and hide a basketball area on the upper level. Here sections of industrial-scaled concrete pipes make productive vegetable and herb gardens. A small plunge pool was designed to nestle beside the existing workshop. Acid-etched concrete is used throughout the garden instead of paving while rocks form steps and seats for simplicity, but also for budget. Simple elements are interwoven with loose and playful planting. Including vegetables, herbs, and fruit trees as well as perennials and ornamentals.

Architect / builder – Modscape Photography – Erik Holt