A new garden and pool completed in March of 2023 is thriving just under a year after planting.

The garden is a second project with us for lovely clients who have moved close by. A music studio was situated in the northeast corner to allow for a new pool. The new garden has large flowing pathways of inter-planted crazy paving as well as kitchen gardens to the north. Custom rusty steel pool fence defines the pool landing with planting spilling between. The existing pergola and deck were modified to be retained within the new garden, to allow for extension to the rear at a later date. The surrounding levels are all raised to help connect the deck with the rest of the garden. Deciduous canopy trees have been planted to provide western sun protection over time. The garden illustrates the benefits of massed perennial planting and its ability to create the feel of a lush and established garden very quickly.

Landscape Construction – Josh Norman Landscapes

Photography – Andy Murray