Nature In The City

Great public planting design changes the urban experience for city dwellers for the better.

Nature in the city Toronto street installation
Mount Royal Montreal

Giving all people access to potentially transformative nature experiences within cities. Access to nature should not be a luxury accessible only to those who can hire great landscape designers and landscape architects to design private gardens.

Montreal Public Planting
Montreal public planting and streets closed to cars

Whether we know it or not great planting and landscape design change how we interact with the city. New York’s central park and Vancouver’s Stanly Park are simple examples. When you see a great example of integrating great public planting design around the world it is inspiring.

Public planing Montreal turns the streets into gardens
Street Planting meets designed nature – Mount Royal Montreal

It should be made available to everyone through the design of public space. Thankfully there is a movement of great public projects globally as councils engage plant people, landscape architects, and landscape designers to design great public spaces for everyone.

Panicum and Echinacea Montreal street planting doesn’t have to be complex

While at a grassroots level community groups drive public engagement with plants. Converting nature stips into beautiful pollinator corridors in Australia and around the world. This is helping local councils to take stock of the outdated regulations surrounding nature strips. Hopefully, when we see what can be possible we can move away from the lifeless and drab public planting of the past!

Landscape Architecture beautifully done in Ottawa
to Please walk on the grass – public parks to be enjoyed – Centre Island Toronto
New elected trains in Melbourne Inner north allow for some new gardens

Residents take over the nature strips in Northcote
Simple and effective car park planting – Panicum
Vancouver Botanical Gardens
Clever small inner city parks serve many functions Montreal
Planting layers public parks Montreal