To Render or Not to Render

Exploring the benefits of three-dimensional renders in landscape design presentations.

There are many benefits to preparing renders as part of the landscape design package. Two-dimensional plans and elevations give a great sense of the proposed garden. But nothing conveys an idea as clearly and succinctly as a great three-dimensional representation.

I have found that clients tend to be much more excited about a beautiful render as they can visualize what the garden will be.

Renders help people who have trouble reading plans and don’t see themselves as visual. Render is also a fantastic tool for the appointed landscape contractor to implement your garden design as intended.

There are generally fewer changes requested on projects with renders, as clients have a greater understanding of the design intent. Visualisation is also a great way to get everyone inspired about seeing the garden come to life.

Quality, not quantity
My approach to visualization on residential projects is that one or two great renders are better than 15 poor renders. Preparing high-quality visualizations with true representations of planting and hard surfaces is key.