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What makes a great garden?

Laneway garden Toronto
Street planting & home gardens Montreal

I have traveled between Canada and Australia a lot over the years. A love of photography and gardens led me to explore different neighborhoods and photograph gardens along the way. Photographing details of home gardens and those created by landscape designers in Melbourne, Canada, and Europe – See the grand garden tour Europe here

Stick garden Melbourne, quirky designed garden?
Landscape design Melbourne

Broadly speaking landscape designers may have the luxury of objectivity and experience. Working to a brief and a budget with a degree of emotional detachment can be a good thing. There are some incredibly skilled home gardeners making very well-planned gardens. But at the other end of the spectrum, home gardens are often not planned at all.

Street planting and home gardens Montreal

Many home gardens are put together piece by piece with no clear overview and without a landscape plan. Although you may get a totally different results when engaging landscape designers. This lack of planning and experience can often have unexpected, quirky, and charming results.

Home garden Montreal
Home garden? Ottawa
Climbing Hydrangea Toronto home garden – wish they did this in Melbourne
Toronto home gardens – no front fences

Climate, availability of materials, and plants lead to very different results in different countries. Our slightly boring paling fence is a great example of this. Why in Melbourne do we almost always build our fences from the same materials in the same way? I love traveling and observing these garden details in other countries. It can be a refreshing way to rethink the simplest garden elements and to inform my own design work.

Fence detail Toronto
Neighbours gardens meet in Toronto
Wigandia and Pandora Melbourne
Designed garden Torono
Crazy Toronto front garden